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Player Package & Cost

SportsCity Heatwave teams enjoy an extensive indoor training schedule and receive professional softball instruction.


PACKAGE- SportsCity Heatwave players receive a full Membership at SportsCity Academy from from September 2021 through July 2022!  Players also receive the following:​

  • Indoor training twice per week.  

  • Professional team instruction

  • Approximately 8 tournaments

  • Unlimited Hitting at SportsCity thru July 31, 2022!

  • Free use of unreserved SportsCity Turf & Tunnels!

  • Speed & Agility Training​ with Davis Speed Center in Crystal Lake one day per week.  


BENEFITS- Players get tremendous benefits and value, including no-cost use of SportsCity batting cages and unreserved tunnels through July 2022.  Additionally, SportsCity teams make extensive use of their access to SportsCity facilities when weather makes outdoor practice prohibitive.​  Teresa and Rob Neel will also assist players in the college recruiting process.  They have extensive experience with what it takes to prepare players for college softball.  

COACHES & MANAGERS- SportsCity coaches are experienced travel softball managers.  Our coaches have proven experience as travel coaches, and are vested in the success of their teams and a positive experience for players and fans.

TRAVEL COST- SportsCity Heatwave works to make sure our program cost is affordable while provided great features.  Payment plans are available.  And proven, successful fundraising opportunities exist which can substantially reduce or eliminate player costs.  We want travel softball to be accessible to everyone who wants to play, and we can help make that happen for any player & family.   Player cost for 2021/2022 teams will be provided at Tryouts.  

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